Course description

Four Powerful Hypnotic Audio Recordings 

Listen to these Hypnotic recordings at your own leisure to achieve your goals.

Warning never listen whilst operating machinery or driving. 

Please read all instructions first to get the most benefit from them.

A Better You (Increase your confidence Self esteem to Feel Great)

Learn to Chill  (Relax and Let Go)

Sleep Easier (Better Sleeping )

Lick the Sugar habit (Take back control) 

These Hypnosis Audio Files have been created to support client sessions and can be used by anyone who has not been diagnosed with any serious mental health conditions.

If you cannot imagine what Derek is asking you to imagine, simply allow your mind, to change any words or scenes that feel right for you. 

The less overthinking you do the better. Just trust in your instinct there is nothing to get wrong or right simply Relax only as much as You Can Relax  

The more you listen the Easier it will become, even if you fall asleep. 


Derek  Chapman

Derek Chapman

The Mind Coach

Derek Chapman is a successful Mind Coach using Coaching Hypnotherapy and his own protocols to assist people with anxiety and habits make change. 

He makes the complex easy.

This is reflected in these online Training courses.

Keeping them simple, so that you can learn faster and easier.

Course Contents

4 Videos

4 PDFs

1.0 hr