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The Awesome Therapist

The Awesome Therapist Online Course - Fresh content continually added.

Derek Chapman

The Anxiety Wheel

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with these dynamic techniques. Relax and take back control 5 ⭐️ Star reviews from Clients and Therapists

Derek Chapman

Awesome Mentoring Program

Awesome Mentoring Program 12 Weeks - Online Program Bespoke to You.

Derek Chapman

Pre-Talk Slides

Hypnotists & Hypnotherapists will love these 21 Pre -Talk Slides. Never forget what to say. Visually appealing ,easily understood.

Derek Chapman

The Russian Doll Technique

The Russian Doll Technique - For Hypnotherapists and Change workers. A Great Technique for rapid state change . Flexible, fast and fun.

Derek Chapman

Four Powerful Hypnotic Recordings

A Better You (Increase your confidence Self esteem & Feel Great) Learn to Chill (Relax and Let Go) Sleep Easier (Better Sleeping ) Lick the Sugar habit (Take back control)