Derek Chapman

The Anxiety Wheel

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with these dynamic techniques. Relax and take back control 5 ⭐️ Star reviews from Clients and Therapists

Derek Chapman

Four Powerful Hypnotic Recordings

A Better You (Increase your confidence Self esteem & Feel Great) Learn to Chill (Relax and Let Go) Sleep Easier (Better Sleeping ) Lick the Sugar habit (Take back control)

Derek Chapman

Hypnosis Recording

Learn to relax. Let go of stress, doubt and worry. Read the instructions before listening.

Derek Chapman

The Awesome Therapist

The Awesome Therapist Online Course - Fresh content continually added.

Derek Chapman

Pre-Talk Slides

Hypnotists & Hypnotherapists will love these 21 Pre -Talk Slides. Never forget what to say. Visually appealing ,easily understood.

Derek Chapman

The Russian Doll Technique

The Russian Doll Technique - For Hypnotherapists and Change workers. A Great Technique for rapid state change . Flexible, fast and fun.